About Us

Welcome to Ta Biblia – about us. This has been a long time in preparation. It started off some years ago as a suggestion from a Christian friend. That suggestion developed into a number of thoughts and ideas. 

Why Ta Biblia? It is the original title with which the collection of writings that have become the Christian Bible was known. Ta Biblia is, we understand, Greek for ‘the Books’. We do not suggest for one moment that this set of books is on a par with the Bible, that it adds to it, enhances it or replaces it. Rather we want to draw our readers attention to the fact that it is the Bible that is our source of knowing God and His Will, His desires and His ways of working amongst mankind. 

Estimates suggest that there have been over 50,000 titles of Christian literature produced in the last one hundreds years or so. However, analysts tell us that the majority of the current Christian literature is based on self-help and human psychology, rather than Biblical Christian principles and teaching. Certainly many of these books quote the Bible as their source, but how many at the end of their lengthy words, have actually presented the particular subject they address in the way that Jesus Christ and His Apostles did? 

How many of them are easy to read, use a lot of words, but leave us wondering what it is all about at the end? And how many of us have our favourite authors, whose words we avidly read without comparing what they have written with what the Bible has to say on the same subject? We want to encourage Christians to think about what they are reading in their Christian literature, to think about what they are being taught by their Churches, and not to only think about how they should react as Christians, but also how to live as 

Christ would have us live in our current circumstances, situations and contemporary cultures. May God bless us all as we contemplate the truths of His Holy Book.